Saturday, 5 January 2013

Recipes: Christmas Cooking!

I love to cook and plan to try out a whole lot of recipes this year, and of course i will share them with you all! I cam across two new recipes before Christmas that i just had to make. Eggnog cup cakes and Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark. Of course i made my usual ginger bread house for all the kiddies, which is always fun to make.

I've never actually had eggnog before so it was a risk, but its actually nice, i made these kiddie friendly but am sure would taste even better with some alcohol in them, just for that extra taste. 

Above: Just out of the oven
Below: Fully decorated


The pretzel bark sounded great, i love the whole sweet/salty mix, this was a HUGE hit, it went so fast, i should have made loads more.

Best thing about making a ginger bread house is choosing the lollies that go on to it, this year i got a mix called disguises and had Moe's, lips and teeth in it, it was funny, it had to have freckles, and bullets as to me that's a must have, everything else changes to suit each year. She is a little odd shaped and it didn't match to well, but oh well, it was built and decorated. One day i might have one looking like a magazine cover, but til then here is my home made version.

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