Monday, 31 December 2012

Christmas Update

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas and enjoyed spending time with loved ones.

Here's my life in pictures over the last few weeks..

My apprentice baker, my niece Emily

Eggnog Cup Cakes

Finished Eggnog Cup Cakes

Best thing i have ever found, Cookie Cutter.

Decorated Ginger Bread House

Pretzel Bark

Christmas Wreath to big for the door.

Home Made Christmas Present  - Mug Rug

Drunk loads of this! Best Cider.

What my Hubby got me for Christmas. 

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

OOTD: Overly Blue!

Top: Sears
3/4 pants: Big W
Beads: Thrifted

I have to say i am not sure about this outfit, i don't mind same colour grouping on top of each other, but i am not sure on the floral print  and plain pants together, but i wore it anyway. I love both items separate. 

I'm not sure why i don't have shoes or nor did i realise at all when i was taking the pictures and the facial expressions, Ha i have no idea whats happening there, these were the best out of the whole lot, so that's saying a whole lot. Ha. Ha.

Do you have an outfit that you wore that you just weren't so sure of but love the pieces separate?

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A Hawaiian Adventure Part 4

Days Six, Seven and Eight: Involved more shopping, loads of eating and just having a great time in Hawaii, Day eight was the last full day on Oahu, we went to a luau called Germaine's, I wouldn't recommend it really, it was a great night but not what we were thinking it would be, was very tourist related!

Breakfast at Danny's.

On a trolley, going to the mall.

Rainbow Wall.

At Duke's in Waikiki.

Reagan's dessert at Duke's.

Posing in front of a lifesavers tower.

Selfies on Waikiki Beach.

Eating ice cream.

Bug art.

About the bug art.

Folding the flag.

Still folding the flag.

Part of the ceremony.

Doing the tourist thing.

Reagan's dinner at Shor Restaurant.

My dinner, trying out the local fish! BEAUTIFUL!!

My dessert, was so tasty.

Reagan's dessert.

The waiter was kind enough to take our picture for us.

Raising the pig at the luau.

Traditional dancers.

Some of the crowd learning a traditional dance.

More traditional dancing.

More traditional dancing.

More traditional dancing.

Fire dancing, was great, shame the picture isn't great.

Drinking at the luau, we brought the cups as a souvenir.

Selfies at the luau.

Monday, 19 November 2012

A stolen Monday Marvels...

This week of Monday Marvels has been stolen by a wish list, its my birthday next week and i well am kinda in love with everything on the list!

This, makes me miss having animals (source)

This quote, so true! (source)

Love this necklace, actually love the whole site! (source)

Movemeber! (source)

This necklace reminds me of my honeymoon! (source)

typography plus Hawaii = bliss! (source)

Love this outfit (source)

I have a thing for cake stands, this is so pretty! (source)