Monday, 14 January 2013

Monday Marvels

Mondays should be filled of beautiful things, both pictures, and reading material. 

Doing loads of this lately, at the local pool (source)

Summer Berries, My Fave (source)

This cute City Chic Dress (source)

This Cute Bathroom Dresser (source)

Love This Kitchen Print (source)

Instant Camera's Rock (source)

Blogs worth reading:

Melissa at Sugar Coat It : has a great blog, love her style in writing, OOTD and much more, go over and have a read!

Sam at The Ellison Family Expansion Plan : Her writing on fitness, TTC and everyday life are great. I feel her post of trying to conceive are helpful as i attempt to deal with similar issues!  

Andrea at Knitty Bitties : All is can say is crafty GREATNESS!


I made this on Saturday night, and everyone loved it, i will make this again, next time i will remember to take a picture. The recipe for Sticky Date Pudding with caramel sauce is here: and if you are on or follow weight watchers, its only 9 points.

And for all those pancake lovers out there like myself, here is a healthy version, i plan to make these next weekend, they sound so so so so good. Blueberry Pancakes at Annie's Eats Blog:  Oh yeah you will find loads more goodies that you will want to try out, i am sure.

Happy Monday everyone..

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