Wednesday, 2 January 2013

OOTD: The one that was meant to be!

I love my Husband dearly and the fact he tries. For Christmas he ventured in to Autograph to buy my a gift for Christmas, and chose a dress instead of the easy option of a gift card, the ladies at the shop told him he was game. ha. The dress he picked was a love blue frilled dressed and fitted perfect except is didn't sit right on me, one of the frills just sat wrong on my bottom and didn't flatter it at all.

So after Christmas i went in and exchanged it and feel in love with this one, and it was on sale so i got a cute top too (OOTD soon), it was the only one left in my size, must have been. Its one of those dresses you can dress up or down, making it more versatile.

Dress: Autograph
Shoes: Ralph Lauren
Necklace: Christmas Gift from Reagan

He chose this all by himself and i love it, his got taste.

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