Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A whole lot of ASOS

Jacket: ASOS
Skater Dress: ASOS
Stockings: We Love Colours
Tortoise Belt: ASOS
Shoes: Thrifted

A little while ago we went out to dinner to celebrate a friends birthday, the weather was beautiful through the day, yet cooled down at night but not enough to wear tights. I love this dress so i thought i would wear my navy stocking with it, and my new pink blazer, as it had been hot nearly every day since i brought it.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A Hawaiian Adventure Part 2

Part two of our Hawaiian honeymoon:

Days two and three consisted of spending the day at a sea park, where Reagan and I got to kiss, dance and get our photo taken with a dolphin, I was even lucky enough to feed him. We also went on a dinner cruise, why it wasn't what we thought and wouldn't recommend it, it was still an adventure, the sights were amazing, and they got Reagan in a grass skirt and dancing in front of 200 odd strangers, since his extremely sky it took lots, me i thought it was highly amusing.

Seal Show

Seal doing his thing.

A seal painting.

A dancing seal.

Dancing up right.

A turtle at the park.

Us not long after the dolphin swim.

Just laying about catching the sun.

Showing of to the crowd.

First time drinking from a pineapple, was pretty tasty.

A panoramic view from Diamond Head point down to Honolulu.

Diamond Head point

Posing with my cocktail.

Traditional Polynesian dancer and dress.

Another dance.

Another Polynesian cultural dance. This was our bus guide and she was amazing.

Another Polynesian cultural dance and dress.

Another Polynesian cultural dance and dress.

Reagan in his grass skirt, shaking his booty.

All the girls surrounding him after his dancing effort.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Another round of all things beautiful, cause Mondays should be filled of great stuff.

This cute dress from ASOS (source)

Danimezza and her amazing Aussie Curves Idea, lots of good looking Aussies, check her out here.

Loads of amazing woman strutting their stuff, what a great idea, check it out here and join in.

This Jamie Oliver tarte-tatin recipe found here, i am making it this week.

This cute Halloween nail art, check the DIY here

My new toy, i got as an early birthday party, i love it. (source)

This amazing landscape picture. (source)

Brooke at Slow Your Home, has great ideas to declutter your life, its been fantastic, go check her sight out.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Dress: City Chic on loan from Olivia at waituntilthesunset
Shoes: Op shop find
Necklace: Equip
Headband: ? 

So i actually took these photos the day after the party, i didn't get time to take any pictures, well great ones, and there was a few taken on the night, but not all so great, the one below was taken mid party, i did leave the house with red lippy. I had a fantastic time. And i want to say a huge thank you to Olivia for the lend of the dress. I do have to say that i felt super gorgeous wearing this dress

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

bow ties, and black & white

Shirt: City Chic
Black Singlet: Autograph
3/4 Pants: Best and Less
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: Garage Sale

Normally i am in black pants and a plain coloured top due to work, since I've injured my knee I've been in the office, so my little wardrobe is getting a good workout, i so need to do some more shopping. I love working with what i have, I've missed it.