Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Blazer: ASOS
Top: Forever 21+
Pants: Autograph
Shoes: Payless

I went to visit my mum a couple of weekends ago and the weather was cool, was so happy cause i just got this new blazer from ASOS, something that i would not normal purchase but happy i did. The colour goes well with the neon colours in the top. Excuse the hair, i so need a hair cut, every day is a bad hair day at the moment.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A Hawaiian Adventure Part 1

For our honeymoon we flew to Hawaii, went spend 14 days there, staying on the islands Oahu and Maui. I'm already saving up to head back, i want to spend more time on Maui. 

This is part of Day 1:

Getting Lei'd in Hawaii

Doing the tourist thing

USS Missouri 

USS Missouri from Pearl Harbour

One small part of the wall name at Pearl Harbour

Part of USS Arizona

Another part of USS Arizona



Model in the museum

Another model

Me and one of the survivors of Pearl Harbour

A submarine

Memorial out the front of the USS Missouri 

USS Missouri 

Reagan on a chair, he made it look normal size, his 6f6" its not normal size ha ha

This is Part 1 of a whole series of pictures, but will be over a period of time so its not full on.