Saturday, 14 April 2012

"The Room"

Every body has a spot, draw, room etc. that well looks like a bomb went of in it. Ours happens to be the shared craft/xbox room. Ever since we moved in nearly a year ago its been dumped upon, it got cleaned once, just pretty much so Reagan's new chair could be put in there, my desk just kept piling up with crap, leaving crafting time to become non existent, cause i had to deal with that mess and i really hated the thought. So Easter came along, good Friday was free, everyone else had to work, so i got stuck in to it, still want to paint my desk another colour as well as the little shelves, but looks so much better, now i am actually spending time in there creating and i love it.

Before shots: Trashy and nasty looking

                                             After Shot: See much more pretty and nicer

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