Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Easter Baking: White Chocolate Custard Cake

White Chocolate Custard Cake: Recipe can be found here

Getting organised

Some of the ingredients

Kitchen Aid

Making the custard

Adding white chocolate and vanilla

Flours plus cocoa powder

Fluffy eggs

Folding together


Layering the cakes

Finished Cake

Top View

Reagan and his dad both have an amazing sweet tooth, nothing it too rich or sweet for them both and well since Easter was upon us I thought I would do some baking. I seen this recipe in the paper and decided I'd make it. The 6hrs of cooling was a touch annoying but worth it in the end, 2 thumbs up.

Note: I used to smaller size cake tins as I never had 2 of what they stated, so my cake was smaller but thicker. Also when cooling the cakes, use the grease proof paper on the cooling racks, I learnt the hard way when mine stuck.. oops! I didn't have white eggs so I just grated some left over white chocolate from the custard. The cake is very easy to make. Happy Baking xx

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