Saturday, 30 June 2012

Wedding Day: Part 2: The Ceremony

We got married in a little town out in the middle of now where close to were my parents live, at the time we chose the area my dad was ill and i didn't want him to have to travel far. I live 4hrs north from my parents. Unfortently in June 11' we lost my father, but in his memory we still got married in this place, it was truly magical. The reception was also on the grounds, in a barn that had been converted.

A view of the ceremony.

Waiting for me.

The bridal party.

Mixed emotions with the bridal party.


Alex and Issy.

My beautiful Mum.

Everyone feeling nervous.

A view of the ceremony.

Alex keeping an eye on the rings.

Trying not to cry.

My dress.

My shoes.

All pictures from Luke of One Fine Day Photography

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